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Making a difference: Nkomazi Plaza storm water infrastructure improvement

29 Apr 2019

Positive Impact

Nkomazi Plaza, a Futuregrowth Community Property Fund shopping centre located on the R571 that runs through the district of Nkomazi, Mpumalanga, has recently contributed to the upliftment of the local community by constructing a storm water pipeline on municipal land in the area surrounding the shopping centre.

This pipeline runs directly from the shopping centre, past neighbouring houses, and has alleviated difficulties previously raised by residents about the inadequate drainage of excess water, which causes flooding in their immediate surroundings during periods of heavy rain.

These issues were initially brought to the attention of the Community Property Company, which owns the centre, in mid-2017. Following significant effort and engagement with the local council and other stakeholders to ensure that correct procedures were followed, the municipality was finally able to hand over the site in late 2018, and the design and construction of the new storm water pipeline commenced in early November 2018.

The Community Property Company was assisted by the Inkomati Usuthu Catchment Management Agency as well as the Director for Infrastructure Development of the Nkomazi Local Municipality, Jonathan Ntsabo, to get the project approved.

Following an extensive selection process, a local company, VMT Civils, was awarded the contract and Endecon Ubuntu Engineering Consultants supervised the project on behalf of the Community Property Company.

Over R1.2 million was spent by the Community Property Company in constructing this 525 metre-long pipe which forms part of the municipal framework and connects to the existing Nkomazi storm water infrastructure, thereby alleviating the problems experienced by the local residents.

The project not only provided employment for the 13 community members working on the pipeline, but also allowed for the engagement of other local service providers who were involved in completing the development.

Construction was successfully completed in March 2019. The outcome of this storm water project was positive on many fronts. It resulted in improved infrastructure for the residents of Nkomazi, reduced risk of future water damage to their properties, job creation in the local community, and overall improvement in the health of those living in the surrounding area.