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Khobab Wind Farm: making a difference

13 Feb 2020

Positive Impact

The residents of Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape, situated approximately 60km away from the wind farm site, are the beneficiaries of the community initiatives, which will be carried out for the life-span of the wind farm. These span community education, health, agriculture, sports and cultural initiatives, and social welfare development.

The Khobab Wind Farm is committed to contributing to sustainable community growth through financial and non-financial community development initiatives. This will be done by giving back a percentage of total revenue earned to the community; through Socio-Economic Development (SED); Enterprise Development (ED); and the establishment of a Community Trust. 

During the construction phase of the wind farm, the community had access to more job and business opportunities than were previously available in the area, which traditionally suffers from high unemployment rates and poor levels of socio-economic development.

During the operations phase of Khobab Wind Farm, a monetary commitment was made to specifically developing enterprises and improving the socio-economic welfare of the community for 20 years.

The residents of Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape, situated approximately 60km away from the wind farm site, will be the beneficiaries of community initiatives carried out for the 20 year life-span of the wind farm.

Socio-economic development

Khobab Wind Farm’s socio-economic development projects will include healthcare initiatives such as HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns; infrastructure development; women empowerment and youth upliftment through investments in sport and recreational activities, academic support programmes and early childhood development.

Community development_Khobab wind farm

Women's health_Khobab wind farm
Sixty local women attended the pop-up clinic at Loeriesfontein sports hall.

Enterprise development

Khobab Wind Farm will assist and accelerate the sustainability of local enterprises owned by previously disadvantaged people, with BBB-EE Recognition Levels, women-owned vendors and QSE’s and EMEs.

Community development

The Khobab Renewable Energy Community Trust owns 5% of the Wind Farm. Established through loans from the Development Bank of South Africa (50%) and company shareholder’s (50%). The trust will invest in community education, health, agriculture, sports and cultural, and social welfare development once the loan has been repaid.

Classroom upgrades_Khobab wind farm
Traditional chalk boards at Loeriesfontein’s high and primary schools have
been replaced by
 Smart Boards funded by Khobab Wind Farm.

Impact indicators

Get the PDF version of Khobab Wind Farm: making a difference, which includes additional information on the project and the community benefits. 

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