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Education and community upliftment projects implemented at Heidelberg Mall

01 Apr 2019

Positive Impact

The Futuregrowth Community Property Fund has purchased and developed 33 shopping centres over the past 20 years, providing services to a target market of approximately 10 million people in the low to middle income market. Heidelberg Mall is on of the 19 shopping centres currently in the portfolio.

Capital Land Asset Management took over the property and asset management of Heidelberg Mall in December 2017. Since then, the following community impact programmes, focused on education and community upliftment, have been implemented in the Heidelberg community.

The Academic Prize Programme has been introduced to five schools in Heidelberg: Sakhile Primary School, Shalimar Ridge Primary, AG Visser Laerskool, Mountainview High School and Ratanda Secondary School. The academic prize is awarded annually to the top academic student in Grade 6 for junior schools and Grade 11 for high schools. The prize consists of a floating merit board which is engraved with the prize winner’s name, a certificate of achievement a gift voucher from a selected shop at Heidelberg Mall, and fully paid school fees for the next academic year.

Barefoot No More has developed a unique school shoe which is the perfect solution for children located in rural areas. Most of these children have not had the opportunity to own a pair of new shoes, let alone have the resources to maintain them. To date, 126 pairs of school shoes, together with centre branded book bags and stationery sets have been donated to Qhaqolla Technical Occupational School.

Cangro is a proudly South African ‘green’ initiative in the progressive educational and food security space which teaches children how to grow food, upside down. Its vision is to empower children with the knowledge, skills and capacity to successfully nurture and care for their very own upside-down tomato plant, simultaneously teaching them to nurture and care for themselves and their environment. In 2018, 305 Grade 3 scholars from Boneha Lower Primary and Sithokomele Primary School participated in the two-month programme.

MeMeza is a community and personal safety company which was established in 2012. Its vision is to introduce safety devices in rural communities, so that women and children can feel protected. The MeMeza Personal Alarm is a small alarm which reaches 140 decibels when activated. The battery life lasts up to two years and can be replaced with a normal watch battery. The personal alarm is ideal for attaching to handbags, car keys and schoolbags. A donation of 110 MeMeza Personal Alarms was made to Heidelberg Society for the aged in 2018.

The objectives of the Fund are both commercial and social, and programmes such as these are undertaken in and around all our shopping centres on an ongoing basis.

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