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Community impact at Kanyamazane Centre

08 Nov 2018

Positive Impact

A number of community impact programmes focused on education and primary healthcare have been implemented in the Kanyamazane community which surrounds the Kanyamazane Centre which is part of the Futuregrowth Community Property Fund.

Barefoot no More has developed a unique school shoe which can stretch to accommodate a growing foot while remaining perfectly comfortable, is waterproof, and does not cause blisters or require shoe polish. To date, 611 pairs of school shoes together with centre branded book bags and stationery sets have been donated to learners at Tiphembeleni Primary School.

Lap desks are portable, light and durable and provide a solution for children who don’t have desks at their schools or homes. The desk sits on the child’s lap providing a sturdy surface to write on, whether sitting on a chair or on the floor. The desk can also be taken home to provide the child with a surface on which to do his/her homework. To date, a total of 430 lap desks have been donated to scholars at Catfulani Primary School.

Unjani Clinic, funded by Imperial Health Sciences, is a network of black women-owned and operated primary healthcare clinics that provide accessible, affordable healthcare to communities in low income areas. The clinics are owned and managed by qualified nurses from the local community, thus providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for local women. In partnership with Unjani Clinic, a clinic was opened at Kanyamazane Centre in July 2017. The clinic handles an average of 396 patients per month.

The Academic Prize Programme has been implemented at five schools in the Kanyamazane community: Catfulani Primary School, Buhlebuyeta Primary School, ZB Kunene Secondary School, Khaliphani Secondary School and Tiphembeleni Primary School. The academic prize is awarded annually to the top academic student in Grade 6 for junior schools and Grade 11 for high schools. The prize consists of a floating merit board which is engraved with the prize winner’s name, a certificate of achievement, a gift voucher from a selected shop at Kanyamazane Centre and fully paid school fees for the next academic year.