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Investment in young talent has its rewards

13 Mar 2018


Meet Rhandzo Mukansi, newly appointed as a Portfolio Manager in our Interest Rate team.

Rhandzo started at Futuregrowth under Old Mutual’s Graduate Accelerated Programme (GAP) in 2012. After completion of the programme, he was appointed as an Interest Rate Specialist in 2013. Rhandzo holds a BCom Honours degree in Finance from the University of Pretoria. 

You’ve always been in the investment sector. What was your journey to this point?

My advent to the investment management industry was as a Quantitative Analyst in 2013. This analytical role synchronised my duel interests: economics and financial markets.  

What aspect of being a Portfolio Manager stands out for you the most?

The diligent execution of my fund management responsibilities plays an important role in enabling investors to finance their long term dreams and aspirations. Being entrusted with this responsibility is humbling – and being able to deliver on it is gratifying.

Which funds do you manage?

I manage Futuregrowth’s Yield Enhanced STeFI+ product suite and the segregated Core Bond funds.

What was it about Futuregrowth that interested you and made it a place where you wanted to work?

Futuregrowth is rightfully characterised as a fund manager not only committed to earning sound investment performance for its clients, but doing so in a sustainable and socially conscious fashion. This contribution to societal upliftment is hugely important to me.

Outside of working hours, your time is occupied with…

My time away from the office is best spent with my family. Weekends and holidays provide a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, reflect and re-energise.

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