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Eskom-woes caused by 'plain incompetence - not sabotage'

11 Dec 2019


Analysts share rough calculations on the devastating cost of load shedding to the economy.

Blaming the latest round of loadshedding on sabotage or a conspiracy is not accurate, says Andrew Kenny, Independent Energy Expert. Plain incompetence should take the blame instead - such as Medupi's conveyor belt failure.

The Money Show also interviews Andrew Canter, Chief Investment Officer at Futuregrowth Asset Management. He talks about the successes and failures of state-run enterprises. Meanwhile, Dr Adrian Saville, CEO of Cannon Asset Managers and Professor at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, estimates that economic growth for the fourth quarter will be zero.

We've lost approximately 15 billion rand - equal to 60 Nkandlas - Dr. Adrian Saville, CEO - Cannon Asset Managers

Listen to the interview here



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