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COVID-19 in numbers: a Futuregrowth snapshot

29 Jun 2020

Interest Rate Team / Futuregrowth

COVID-19 Report

As an investment manager, continuous tracking of various events that impact the market, help us make informed investment decisions. Futuregrowth’s Interest Rate Team has been collating the below data and insights relating to COVID-19.

We thought you might find this interesting. The data will be updated on a weekly basis.


138 134 cases of which 6 334 are new
2 456 deaths of which 4is new
68 925 recoveries of which 1 831 are new
26 426 tests per 1 million population
2 329 cases per 1 million population

Swift action, widespread testing, contact tracing, and critical support from citizens has meant that South Korea has successfully been able to flatten the curve, taking much-needed pressure off the healthcare system. At its peak, medical workers identified 909 new cases in a single day. 10 days later, that number decreased to only 35.

South Korea have showed that the world needs to:

  • intervene fast, before its too late;
  • test early, often and safely;
  • implement contact tracing, isolation and surveillance; and
  • enlist the publics' help.

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