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Core Money Market

The Futuregrowth Core Money Market Composite targets high cash returns through a carefully balanced and actively managed mix of short-term interest-bearing investments, maturing within thirteen months. The weighted average duration for the Composite may not exceed 120 days.

The benchmark is the South African STeFI 3-month Index.


The Composite aims to outperform the STeFI 3-month Index per annum over a rolling 12-month period.


The Composite invests in money market instruments such as NCDs, debentures, treasury bills, fixed deposits and floating rate notes with a maturity of less than 13 months, and cash on call. Bonds with a duration to maturity of less than 13 months may also be included.


Our yield enhanced strategy relies on maintaining strong relationships with market players. This allows us to see a large degree of deal-flow on a continuous basis and keep an eye on ever-evolving credit events in the market. In the unlisted space, our specialist structuring skills allow us to make loans that ensure lenders achieve the greatest degree of investor protection through loan terms, covenants and security while ensuring risk-adjusted returns with good diversification.