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Interest Rate Asset Allocation

The Futuregrowth Interest Rate Asset Allocation Composite aims to deliver excess return mainly through a combination of aggressive interest bearing asset allocation, overall active interest rate risk management and appropriate yield curve positioning within the various interest bearing asset classes.

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Exposure to higher yielding non-government bonds is limited in order to enhance the ability of the composite to allocate to the most appropriate interest bearing asset class at short notice. The benchmark is the All Bond Index (62.5%), JSE ILB IGOV Index (30%) and South African STeFI Call Index (7.5%).


The Composite aims to outperform the combined benchmark by 1% over a rolling 3-year period.


The Composite invests in money market instruments, fixed and variable rate, and inflation-linked bonds. The Composite aims to be invested in the sub-interest rate asset class that renders a superior return over time through aggressive allocation shifts. It also reflects the best investment view regarding yield curve positioning and individual stock selection with focus on flexibility.


Our yield enhanced strategy relies on maintaining strong relationships with market players. This allows us to see a large degree of dealflow on a continuous basis and keep an eye on ever-evolving credit events in the market. In the unlisted space, our specialist structuring skills allow us to make loans that ensure lenders achieve the greatest degree of investor protection through loan terms, covenants and security while ensuring risk-adjusted returns with good diversification.

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