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12 Mar 2019


Meet the new Head of Listed Credit, Tarryn Sankar

Tarryn has been a part of the listed credit team at Futuregrowth since 2015, and has been involved in our internal listed credit processes since 2013 (when she was at Old Mutual Investment Group). In addition, she has also been involved in unlisted structured transactions and renewable energy transactions. She has also emerged as a major contributor to our work on SOE governance. We all know and appreciate Tarryn’s diligence, her hardworking nature, her efficiency and her depth of experience and wish her well in her new role.

What role do you play as Head of Listed Credit and how does this roll out into Futuregrowth as a business?

I oversee a team of listed credit analysts who are responsible for analysing entities with listed bonds, using a bottom-up approach and forming investment recommendations based on the credit quality of the business. As a team, we are responsible for ensuring that our clients earn risk-adjusted returns from investments in listed bonds issued by entities with sustainable policies and practices.

You’ve always been in the finance sector, what makes you passionate about the asset management industry?

It’s a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of managing assets on behalf of clients - a privilege I believe we continue earning with each investment decision we make for our clients. The fact that our investment decisions directly impact clients’ life savings motivates me to do better each and every day.

What is your life like outside of working hours?

Life outside of working hours consists largely of being a first-time mum to my seven-month-old daughter, Ruby. It’s colourful (mainly pink) and chaotic at times, very much caffeine-fuelled, but also an absolute blast!

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