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Simply the best!

09 Dec 2019

Company Statement

We are honoured to announce that the Futuregrowth Community Property Fund has won two significant accolades, awarded by MSCI South Africa (MSCI).

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The Community Property Fund was recognised as the best performing specialist property fund for the third year in a row. This is a testament to the consistent, superior returns that can be achieved from well-managed shopping centres in disadvantaged rural and township areas – considered by many as unsuitable for investment.

Then, for the first time, the Community Property Fund also won the award for achieving the highest net income growth of all property funds, over three years. This means that, in this category, it outperformed some of the largest established listed and non-listed funds in the sector.

The MSCI South Africa Direct Property Investment Awards are based on three-year annualised performance history, so as to eliminate any short-term fluctuations. MSCI collects financial, property and valuation records from listed and non-listed property funds, for the compilation of industry benchmarks, indices and portfolio analysis, and this data provides the basis for the awards.

Smital Rambhai, Portfolio Manager of the Community Property Fund, said, “Winning the best performing specialist property fund award for three years in a row is by no means due to luck. The team’s focus on sticking to the fundamentals of managing property, by optimising income and controlling costs, has ensured that we consistently deliver organic growth and value for our clients over the long term”.

Paul Rackstraw, Managing Director of Futuregrowth Asset Management believes that running the Fund as an unlisted fund in a fiduciary capacity allows for a longer-term view to be taken, unencumbered by the demands and expectations of listed investors. The properties can also be run in a way that has a positive influence on their surroundings.

Given that the Community Property Fund brings much-needed, quality facilities to underserviced communities, these awards underline our Futuregrowth thesis that responsible investments can make meaningful returns – not only for our pension fund clients, but for many low-income South Africans as well.

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