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Meet The Futuregrowth Client Services Team

07 Jul 2022


TEAM ANTHEM: FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney


The Client Services team is a sub-team of the broader operations team at Futuregrowth. The team is led by the Manager of Client Services and is made up of four Client Services Officers (CSOs), and two Senior CSOs, together with a Client Services Project Specialist. A GAP student is also currently placed in this team.

What does the team do?

This (currently) all-women team is responsible for fulfilling Futuregrowth clients’ daily, monthly and quarterly reporting requirements, query resolution and cashflow processing. The team also does the onboarding of new clients and provides a number of other administrative services to both clients and other teams within Futuregrowth.

The overarching aim of the Client Services team is to create value - both for our clients as well as the organisation – and to create and maintain an exceptional experience for the client. This is undertaken by supporting a sense of responsibility and personal growth in all team members, paying constant attention to systems and their improvement, providing mutual support and guidance within the team, and fostering an innate client-centric approach.

In their own words….


  • "I enjoy what I do thoroughly, especially being able to provide clients with the comfort of knowing that we are here to provide the best service possible.”
  • "It’s challenging as there is quite a lot to deliver within a short space of time. But it is also rewarding when your clients acknowledge the work you put in to give them what they want and need.
  • "The team is a caring, professional, no-nonsense bunch with great team spirit. We work hard and always aim to please, and always have time for fun too!”
  • "Most importantly, I love that I get to do what I do daily in a team comprising phenomenal women!”


  • "Without our CSOs I believe there is no heartbeat in the organisation. We are where the clients land and get a feel of our values and organisational culture.”
  • “The Client Services team is at the frontline of our client experience. We ‘aim to please’ both internal and external clients and always try our best to ensure we anticipate clients’ needs and ensure the smooth execution of all deliverables.”
  • "If Futuregrowth were a band, Client Services would be the backup singers. We make the soloists sound amazing, by ensuring we harmonize well, and that we perform our parts with grace.”
  • “If a task does not fit into a box, Client Services will create the box around said task.”

Outside of work

There is no shortage of talent in this team outside of the workplace: Team members share a passion for piano playing, dancing and singing, home décor, cooking, baking, gardening, sketching and watercolour painting. One is studying Italian, and another is completing her law degree after hours, with the hope of contributing to the justice system in SA one day.

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