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Meet Mzo, Motherwell Centre Manager

22 Mar 2017


One of the contributing factors to the exceptional performance by the Futuregrowth Community Property Fund over the past two years is the passion and ethos of property asset managers Capital Land Property Management.

This is evident in the story of Mzo Limba, the Motherwell Centre Manager.

Mzo hails from the Motherwell area in the Eastern Cape. Before joining Capital Land he was a security operations manager at various shopping centres in Cape Town. He wanted to move back to Port Elizabeth to be near his parents as they were getting old. In his initial job interview, he made a positive impression with his obvious interest in tenant security, compliance and house rule management. He was appointed as Motherwell’s Centre Manager on a six month contract in December 2014, and was made permanent in June 2015.

In line with Capital Land’s policy of developing their staff, Mzo has received in-house training on a series of aspects of operations management including, amongst others, fire prevention, emergency evacuation, contractor management, tenant management, and conducting daily and monthly building inspections. He has also attended external training programmes such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act Awareness Training for Senior Management through Business Risk Solutions.

Mzo believes that the success of a shopping centre hinges on teamwork between centre management staff and service providers. “If the team is committed, involved and motivated in managing the centre, then the tenants will flourish and the customers will follow.”

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