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Investor Activism in Action

01 Sep 2021

Gill Raine / Senior policy advisor, ASISA

Olga Constantatos / Head: Credit

Maseabi Marageni / Head: Business Development


The fight for a more equitable listed bond market continues

Futuregrowth has been committed to building a fair and transparent bond market, by actively engaging the JSE, industry bodies and the regulator. Our work is not done. Certain protections were not included in the final regulations. A set of "ASISA approved” Debt Listing Requirement (DLR) Guidelines have been drafted to effectively address these shortcomings.

Watch our webinar recording, as we explore why bond market reform and adoption of the ASISA DLR Guidelines are important, as well as the critical role the industry must play to ensure success and how you can help.

Questions were asked by the audience during the webinar. Some of these were not answered because of time constraints. We've summarised all the questions and answers in case you're interested.  

Webinar Questions & Answers

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