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Fiduciary duty in action

13 Mar 2018



The CFA Institute’s global “Let’s Measure Up” campaign was launched in February 2018 to support their mission of improving standards within the finance industry and for finance professionals to help lay the foundation for the ultimate benefit of society.

The key message is that it’s not enough to talk about a better world for investors — individuals should take actual steps to build it.

As part of the campaign, the CFA Institute chose to profile six charterholders from around the world who could embody the ethos of the CFA Institute: charterholders who “measure up” to that mission.  One of the six was Andrew Canter, CFA, the Chief Investment Officer at Futuregrowth. 

“To be recognised in this way by one’s esteemed industry peers is an incredible honour and a high point in my career”, said Andrew, and “I believe this recognition is for all the work done by the Futuregrowth team, and an acknowledgment of our fiduciary, purpose-driven culture”. 

“Futuregrowth is honoured that our work is appreciated by the broader investment community” said Paul Rackstraw, Managing Director of Futuregrowth, “and we are proud that Andrew has been recognised by the CFA Institute. In the end, it is our clients who support us to achieve positive outcomes and without them we can’t continue to make a positive difference.”

Andrew adds, “Ultimately such laurels are not to be rested on, but rather to be used as a platform to work harder - to achieve more - for the greater good of investors and society as a whole.”

Watch the CFA's short film on Andrew here. 

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