Positive Impact

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“Smart Lead has inspired and motivated me”

19 Jun 2017


Positive Impact

Futuregrowth’s CSI committee funded the Imibala Trust’s SMART LEAD Programme for the second year for a group of 15 Grade 11 and 12 learners from the Imibala Art Group and Macassar Secondary School.

The aim of this programme is to prepare learners for the world of work. The learners participated in numerous and varied activities, including attending eight two-hour practical modules held every Thursday, a weekend module entitled ‘Selfie’, entrepreneurial cooking sessions and industry visits.

"Smart Lead taught me to be responsible and to learn about the feelings of others."

Participants engaged in a range of topics such as the current economic and societal challenges. During the programme, they expressed fear as to their future and declared their determination to make their communities a better place and, hopefully, contribute to breaking the mindset of poverty and helplessness.


The value of becoming active in community service was an important topic. Not only are some participants involved in the school Rotary Club but one also offers extra maths tuition to a grade eight learner.

 “My highlight was when I found out that someone wanted to meet me.”

Most of the participants take Pure Maths as a subject and a healthy competition was evident amongst participants to achieve the highest math’s result! The participants realised that a positive attitude is essential in achieving success in life.

Futuregrowth hosted an industry visit for a group of boys where some of our younger employees shared their stories about what they were doing at Futuregrowth, where they’d come from and what they’d needed to do to reach their current position. Those present all felt that they’d learned something from the boys, had been enriched by the experience and felt hopeful about the future.

 “I have learnt how to present myself with confidence and enjoyed introducing myself to the group. In the beginning I was nervous, but I got bold afterwards.”

“The boys impressed us with their curiosity, attention, interest and obvious intellect. I am confident that they will use this programme to make something of their lives and contribute positively to our society,” said Michele Usher, CSI committee member.


“It is our belief that SMART LEAD offers excellent value to the learners, their school and community, and ultimately to the future world of work. Our marginalised communities are facing increasing challenges and the unique SMART LEAD programme offers a credible and effective solution for young people to develop a better understanding of themselves and the world of work to develop opportunities for themselves and become economically active and positively engaged in their school activities.”

"I enjoyed learning about how to build my self-confidence and how to develop myself."