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Assisting in early childhood development

24 Apr 2017

Positive Impact

Socialisation in early childhood development is a vital process. It is a process through which the children become functioning members of a particular group and take on the values, behaviours, and beliefs of the group. It develops the cognitive process of the child and his/her behavioural patterns. This is why our Early Child Development programme at Afrika Tikkun has different activities that require the kids to play together and engage with each other throughout the day.

Each year, we enrol children from the ages of 0 to 6 years in January. Some of these children are experiencing crèche for the very first time and so this is a whole new world for them. Some adjust easily to the change and some find it difficult to blend in with the new environment and engaging with other kids. This was the same challenge with Linomtha Matsiba, who used to cry every morning when her mother dropped her off. She would refuse to get off her mother’s back and cry endlessly when the mother left her behind.

The teacher would then go the extra mile to comfort her and allowed her to lie down until she was calm. Eventually Linomtha got used to the routine and started enjoying coming to crèche. Now she even greets the teacher with a smile and says goodbye to her mother when she leaves her behind, she has even made a few friends in class and plays well with other kids.