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Some guidelines for a financial life

13 Jun 2018


Comments on personal financial planning, savings, investment, home ownership and more…

This summary is intended to be an introductory framework for establishing a long-term personal financial plan and investment programme. As each person has their own personal circumstances, risk-appetite, tax situation and financial literacy, this document cannot serve as a financial or investment plan. Rather, it is a set of guidelines to assist those new to the journey of thinking about their own life’s financial plan. In an attempt to be concise, it cannot cover all the factors that come into personal financial planning.

While many of the comments are widely applicable, it is written for people who are formally employed, broadly in the middle-class and in the earlier stages of their career (for example, a 24-36 years old earning enough to save, and ready to be concerned about their long-term finances).

These are Andrew Canter's personal reflections and represent “advice he’d give to a friend”. 

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