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Going to bat for business development


Meet Steffen Josephs, our newly appointed Head of Business Development.

Steffen holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Stellenbosch and a Masters in Finance from the University of Cape Town. He has 15 years of experience in the South African investment management industry.

What role do you play as Head of Business Development and how does this roll out into Futuregrowth as a business?

First and foremost, we are all brand ambassadors for Futuregrowth and our work is about actively fulfilling Futuregrowth’s purpose statement. I see my role as providing leadership and creating conditions that are conducive for growth and development and the building of a cohesive self-sustaining team. We are the eyes and ears in the market, and this informs the strategy for the rest of the business. It is important to connect the inside of our business with the outside world in a meaningful way, to build strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships, and to think strategically and see around corners to achieve the best outcome for the business. In this light, I see myself contributing toward the development and refinement of the Futuregrowth vision and strategy, and helping to build a brand that the majority of people in South Africa can identify with.

What was it about Futuregrowth that interested you and made it a place where you wanted to work?

Many things; however, the following rank high on the list. Firstly, the company’s purpose statement: “At Futuregrowth we protect and grow investors’ savings through skill and diligence in a way that engenders trust and sustainably enriches people's lives”. I was also motivated by Futuregrowth’s reputation and admiration in the market for its unique product offering; and, ultimately, its culture, values and approach of “doing well by doing good”.

You’ve always been in the finance sector. What was your journey to this point?

I started my working life on the “Life” side of Old Mutual, calculating present values, future values and annuity payments on a Hewlett Packard 10b (which I still have), in the days before spreadsheet software such as Lotus123 and MS Excel. This was also at a time where our country’s future was balanced on a razor’s edge. While at Old Mutual Life, I had an opportunity to move to the then investment division of Old Mutual, now Old Mutual Investment Group. During my career, I have been fortunate to work at some very good investment managers and multi-managers, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Outside of working hours

There are many sides to Steffen outside of working hours. He has a particular soft spot for the theatre and movies about the Vietnam War, and reads widely, preferring biographies. His weekends are invariably taken up with DIY projects and he believes that the financial success of Builders Warehouse in his neighbourhood is partly due to his disposable income. He is an enthusiastic rugby supporter and does his best to not miss out on any Springbok test matches (regardless of the outcome)!

Finally, Batman or Superman?

It has to be Batman. Superman is nothing without his superpowers. Batman uses initiative and inventiveness. Besides, Superman wears his underwear over his trousers!

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