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Awards galore!

15 Nov 2018


The Futuregrowth Community Property Fund has won the 2018 MSCI award for the best performing specialist property fund – for a second consecutive year.

The MSCI South Africa Direct Property Investment Awards recognise consistent top performance of directly owned, local assets of property funds, per sector in the MSCI Real Estate database, and are based on three-year annualised performance history, so as to eliminate any short-term fluctuations.

MSCI collects financial, property and valuation records from listed and non-listed property funds, for the compilation of industry benchmarks, indices and portfolio analysis, and this data provides the basis for the awards.

While the MSCI awards specifically recognise performance, and, in the case of the Community Property Fund, verify that non-listed property funds can in fact outperform listed property funds, the Fund also delivers meaningful benefits to disadvantaged communities, such as job creation, access to goods and services and reduced transport costs.